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Customer Feedback

We love feedback from you on our products and the problems in your daily work that you would like us to solve. Please describe the challenge you're encountering and your desired outcome. Be as detailed as possible.

For technical issues or bugs please head to Support or our Developer Community. You can assign up to 20 votes in total. Thank you for your feedback.

Status explanation: 'Future Consideration' = Continuing to collect further feedback, not planned at this time. 'Investigating' = Prioritized for deeper customer and feasibility investigations ahead of planning development.


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Allow Search Redirects to go to External sites

We would like to be able to take customer search terms (ex: jobs, careers) to go to an external job listing site. Currently Opti only allows you to direct searches within the existing platform, so that a workaround causes the user to make multiple...
over 1 year ago in Search & Navigation 0

Calendars should roll up to Planned Start Date

No description provided

Filter fields in Reports

The ability to select specific fields to export a report of would be helpful. Now the excel sheet just has all of the fields listen in the same cell. But often times we want reporting on one specific field and/or one specific field selection option.
8 months ago in Content Marketing / Miscellaneous 1 Investigating

Expanded lookback on reports

It would be great if we could self generate reports for longer than a 3mo lookback. We often want to do an end of the year review and the ability to spin up a report that spans more than 3 months would be hugely helpful
8 months ago in Content Marketing / Miscellaneous 0

Create a way for filters to generate SEO-friendly URL

We noticed that the URLs generate with the attribute ID instead of the attribute value, making it very difficult to know which filters are most popular in analytics. Is it possible to make the filter URL more SEO friendly and include the name? Tha...
over 1 year ago in Commerce Analytics 0

Make calendars publicly viewable when embedded

No description provided

Make due date times optional

Hi! I would appreciate it if adding a due date "time" for tasks, workflow steps, etc. was optional! Not every task is that time-sensitive/specific, and having a due date time mandatory for every task makes it so that most people use it arbitrarily...
8 months ago in Content Marketing 1 Future consideration

Automatic retry of transaction when a database timeout error occurs

We've noticed some database connection blips that cause errors such as the following exception: "System.Data.Entity.Infrastructure.CommitFailedException: An error was reported while committing a database transaction but it could not be determined ...
8 months ago in Configured Commerce / API 0

Toggle On and Off Scanning Feature

We would like customers to be able to have the ability to not have to hit "tap to scan" after scanning every item. It slows down the process for many customers. The ability to toggle on and off this feature would be fantastic.
over 1 year ago in Commerce Mobile App 1 Will not consider

Print Button from Lists

We have customers wanting to Print from Lists. They can of course do Control + P, but honestly a lot of our customers don't know that ;) They are looking for a button!
over 3 years ago in Configured Commerce / CMS, Spire & Mobius 1 Already exists