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We love feedback from you on our products and the problems in your daily work that you would like us to solve. Please describe the challenge you're encountering and your desired outcome. Be as detailed as possible.

For technical issues or bugs please head to Support or our Developer Community. You can assign up to 10 votes in total. Thank you for your feedback.



DXP Cloud Services

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Pro-active alerts for Azure Infrastucture Upgrades

Can we please request for MS/Azure to provide us with prior/advanced notice when upgrades will be taking pace and that these alerts are sent on to customers. If so, they should have different wording, and a different look and feel to our existing ...
18 days ago in DXP Cloud Services / Health reporting 1

Paasportal does not support different levels of access on Production

It would be very helpful to have different levels of access to Production on Paasportal. We do not want everyone to have the ability to deploy, but it would be helpful to grant access to QA to view logs and other troubleshooting functionality.
29 days ago in DXP Cloud Services 0

Request for limited support regarding Azure Storage Queue hosted by DXP

We have a solution that is live now with a large customer and multiple integrations. Storage Queue is being leveraged to elevate the delays of processing data into Opti. We noticed we don't have access to delete or update the queues (though we wer...
29 days ago in DXP Cloud Services / Data management 0

Security: Add additional security on the backbone of the Optimizely Azure Infrastructure

Please consider adding additional value to Enterprise customers by adding additional security measures such as scanning for virus in data at rest: SQL Azure, Blobs, ... For example:
about 1 month ago in DXP Cloud Services / Infrastructure mgmt. 0

Hi Team, The project we are working on currently is an insurance project where we generate multiple quote and policy pdf documents from razor html templates. We are using the plugin since 10 years were it was able cater all our needs for generating quote and policy documents. But after migrating to .NET6/CMS12 in the new Linux DXP there is a restriction to not run any exe related to the project, due to which we are facing the permission issues to the exe which triggers when we convert html to pdf. Can you please look into this and resolve ASAP.

No description provided
about 2 months ago in DXP Cloud Services / Code deployment 0

Faster deployments

As a developer I want to be able to deploy a fix to production faster. Currently if you want to release a critical bug fix to prduction it usually takes 1,5-2 hours )if it goes though int, prep and then production). This is a very long time to wai...
2 months ago in DXP Cloud Services / Code deployment 0

Include in deployments jobs ad-hoc notifications

When performing production deployments, it would be great to have the ability to include not only trigger developer email for notifications (success/errors), also has the ability to include a distribution list so the whole dev team can receive tho...
2 months ago in DXP Cloud Services / Code deployment 0

Identifying what code release is on which platform is difficult to ascertain.

As a Web Development Lead, I need to know what code is running on Integration, PreProduction and Production. However, as we can only see the last 10 Deployments, the last release to Production may drop off the list if the team is busy making multi...
3 months ago in DXP Cloud Services / Code deployment 0

Need the ability to add deployment notifications to more accounts than just the originating developer.

As a Web Development Lead, I need to be notified when releases are actioned by the team. Currently, only the initiating developer gets notifified.
3 months ago in DXP Cloud Services / Code deployment 0

Purge CDN cache after successful deployment via API

It would be nice if you could expose endpoint so that we could invoke purging of CDN cache after successful deployment to production environment hosted in DXP. I have found that Cloudflare actually supports that via az cdn endpoint purge -g fagf01...
3 months ago in DXP Cloud Services / Code deployment 0