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Customer Feedback

We love feedback from you on our products and the problems in your daily work that you would like us to solve. Please describe the challenge you're encountering and your desired outcome. Be as detailed as possible.

For technical issues or bugs please head to Support or our Developer Community. You can assign up to 10 votes in total. Thank you for your feedback.




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Integrate Moneris PINpad to B2B Commerce Cloud

We would like to request for an addition feature with our current payment gateway Moneris in one of our microsites. We would like to integrate Moneris PINpad with Optimizely to cater on-site payment transactions. I have attached the API documentat...
2 months ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Integration 0

Include information about errors on the email notification triggered by a failed integration job execution

Currently when the execution of an integration job ends in failure, we get notified; however, the email itself says nothing about the reasons as to why the job failed, it only says "job failed". I'd like to suggest that the email notification shou...
11 days ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Integration 0

Allow LookUp for CustomerUser Profiles

Our partner, Valtech (Specifically Paul Raphael) experienced an issue with the Customer "JE Dunn" who has a business case where thousands of User Records, have up to 10k Customer Records assigned, which results in over 3.5M entities for the User t...
about 1 month ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Integration 0

Improve SSO implementation

Current SSO implementation is incomplete. Optimizely needs to add: - Complete debugging with popular SSO platforms. Our SSO provider is Microsoft Azure B2B. We’ve had to get two core code updates to fix issues and still have two issues that will ...
about 1 month ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Integration 0

Improve Avalara Integration to account for tax differences between the bill-to and ship-to customer numbers

We are running into issues with tax calculations on the website because only the customer bill-to number is sent to Avalara to check tax information. We have tax differences/exemptions based on the ship-to locations, not only at the bill-to level....
over 1 year ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Integration 1

iFrame and Punchout integration

Our punchout customers are requiring us to keep our punchout catalog in a frame within their procurements systems. We have been told that Optimizely does not support this functionality as it causes conflict with their authentication API. We ask th...
7 months ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Integration 0

Improve tooltips for settings to include a "System Name"

I recently learned that Job Step Definition Select, From and Where inputs can access any setting using the "System Name" of the setting. I had previously thought there were a select few settings with this capability that were pre-determined. To ra...
about 2 months ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Integration 0

MailChimp Integration

With MailChimp being one of the most popular email/marketing automation platforms, we would like an integration built. Currently, the only way to integrate our site with our MailChimp lists is to do custom API connections. However, we would like a...
over 1 year ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Integration 0

Job Recurrence - Ability to Specify Start/Stop or On/Off Time Periods

For recurring jobs, we have the ability to specify the start/stop date/time and the interval the job is run at (see image below), but we don't have the ability to block off certain time frames. For example, we have a job to refresh order details t...
over 1 year ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Integration 1

CRM Integration

Maybe it's there and I've been missing it but, it would useful to have some CRM integration. Would help with personalization, customization, as well as customer service.
over 1 year ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Integration 0