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We love feedback from you on our products and the problems in your daily work that you would like us to solve. Please describe the challenge you're encountering and your desired outcome. Be as detailed as possible.

For technical issues or bugs please head to Support or our Developer Community. You can assign up to 20 votes in total. Thank you for your feedback.

Status explanation: 'Future Consideration' = Continuing to collect further feedback, not planned at this time. 'Investigating' = Prioritized for deeper customer and feasibility investigations ahead of planning development.


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View all tasks selected in the tasks pane.

As an approver I want to be able to view all tasks selected within the tasks pane So that I am able to see all items that need my attention. The outcome is When a status is selected within the Tasks pane all items currently in that status should...
almost 4 years ago in Content Management / Collaboration & Approval 0 Future consideration

Mark complete task button on top

Something i've noticed happen a lot are new people clicking the "Mark Complete" button at the top of the page and completing the entire task instead of their step. This has caused issues and made Projects miss deadlines because people weren't awar...
over 1 year ago in Content Marketing / Tasks, Campaigns, and Events 0 Future consideration

Optimizely should use standard v3 Nuget feed.

We raised a support ticket regarding Optimizely Nuget feed v2 not being compatible with Artifactory which support the industry standard v3 feed by default. Our use case was explained that for security reasons we cannot download new nuget packages ...
over 2 years ago in Feature Experimentation 1 Future consideration

Support for Static IP address

When we (as an Optimizely DXP customer) expose APIs for partner vendors to invoke, including the Optimizely DXP, we need to ensure that we meet The Group’s security standards and one of the many facets to this is IP whitelisting. This means we don...
over 2 years ago in DXP Cloud Platform / Infrastructure mgmt. 0 Future consideration

Share multiple files at once

Sharing multiple files at once would be useful.
over 1 year ago in Content Marketing / DAM/Library / Plan 0 Future consideration

Website annotations - snapshot view

We have had issues surrounding the comment/annotation locations for websites not being found, and thus unable to reliably discern where on the page that user made the comment. We submitted a support ticket and found that it is due to them being ti...
over 1 year ago in Content Marketing / Tasks, Campaigns, and Events 0 Future consideration

Veeva Task Names from Welcome

When creating an asset in Welcome and syncing it to Veeva, use the task name from Welcome, not the filename of the asset.
over 1 year ago in Content Marketing / Integrations 0 Future consideration

Grouped metrics using previously built events

Requesting a feature to build events that group existing events (Event 1 and Event 2 both fire, then Event Group fires, elseif either Event 1 or Event 2 does not fire, Event Group does not fire.)
over 1 year ago in Experimentation Analytics / Metrics Setup 0 Future consideration

Permanent link in a comment

It would be useful being able to have a direct link to a comment in the workflow and in the review tool.
over 1 year ago in Content Marketing / Tasks, Campaigns, and Events 0 Future consideration

Library – save a user’s settings for SORT VIEW and VIEWABLE NUMBER OF ASSETS.

Within the Library, our content authors have noted that it would be helpful if their chosen Sort Order by Title or Last Modified, etc. (title-sort.jpg) could be preserved or cached based upon their preference (e.g., Title). It seems to reset back ...
over 1 year ago in Content Marketing / DAM/Library 0 Future consideration