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Categories Misc.
Created by Guest
Created on Feb 10, 2022

Admin console : permit select/deselect all or import from CSV

On the admin console when building groups for restrictions or building lists of stores and items to restrict, the console can only shows 100 items per page and the user needs to use the select the 'select all from page' checkbox for each page. See attached file for detailed screenshots

Solutions :

Implement a real select/deselect all function that will select all the items in the list without using pagination

Implement the import from CSV within the Product Restrictions and Customers window

  • Guest
    Jun 9, 2022

    To put it into perspective, our account teams are managing this on a daily as customers are adding/changing products in their catalog on a daily basis. Not all products are available to all stores, so this requires a high level of manual work to do this.

    Our typical customer has 500-1000 stores (200-1,000+ skus in their catalog) with some of our larger customers in 3,000+ store range and more than 5,000 skus. In addition, we have geographical considerations where some of the products cannot be used such as no plastic bags in specific jurisdictions.

    This adds up to a few head count that will be required to manually select the correct stores and products to exclude them while making sure we don’t make any mistakes so our customers can order the products they are allowed to and keep them from showing ones that cannot. This helps to manage spend control for the customers at their store level to minimize unnecessary spend.

    If this is sufficient justification, please let me know, if not we can get some more qualitative data.