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Customer Feedback

We love feedback from you on our products and the problems in your daily work that you would like us to solve. Please describe the challenge you're encountering and your desired outcome. Be as detailed as possible.

For technical issues or bugs please head to Support or our Developer Community. You can assign up to 20 votes in total. Thank you for your feedback.

Status explanation: 'Future Consideration' = Continuing to collect further feedback, not planned at this time. 'Investigating' = Prioritized for deeper customer and feasibility investigations ahead of planning development.



Content Marketing

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Fields for Milestones

We'd like to be able to filter our milestones via fields/labels and add additional context like notes via text fields.
5 months ago in Content Marketing / Plan 0 Future consideration

Restrict due dates chosen by requestors

We need to be able to add a number of days out (for example 10 days) as a default to all requests so that requestors cannot request projects earlier than our default delivery/completion date. For example we don't want to allow requestors to submit...
6 months ago in Content Marketing / Requests 1 Future consideration

Change Event Owner

Just like we can with tasks, we'd like to be able to change the event owner. Today, we have to make a new event and delete the old one in order to get a new "creator" on it. But it would be helpful if they had the concept of "owner" in addition to...
10 months ago in Content Marketing / Tasks, Campaigns, and Events 0 Future consideration

Pin Attachment

We use the attachments space for a lot of our collaboration. As such, we'd like a way to "pin" an attachment and denote that it is the final asset in a task. Right now, our users are unsure which asset to use, especially if many versions have been...
10 months ago in Content Marketing / Tasks, Campaigns, and Events 0 Future consideration

Custom, Branded Email Notifications

In order to encourage better interaction (opens, click-throughs, etc.) of emails from the platform, we'd like the ability to customize the email notifications to represent our brand identify. Ideally, we'd like to have control over the copy, logos...
11 months ago in Content Marketing / Notifications / Settings + Configuration 0 Future consideration

Requests and Campaigns on Board View

In Task board Plan view, you cannot view Work Requests. Viewing WRQs would be helpful because then we could plan/prioritize work that has not been built out yet, or view larger projects as a whole (rather than only the specific deliverables). We w...
12 months ago in Content Marketing / Tasks, Campaigns, and Events 0 Future consideration

Choose Thumbnail for Video File

We would like to choose a thumbnail for a video file so that we can ensure we always have a quality image to represent the file. This is crucial if we plan to share our collections with prospects (we have to protect our brand image), but important...
about 1 year ago in Content Marketing / DAM/Library 0 Future consideration

Required Fields on Events

We'd like to ensure our events are tagged as thoroughly as our tasks and campaigns, but there's no way to set up required fields today.
over 1 year ago in Content Marketing / Tasks, Campaigns, and Events 0 Future consideration

Single Page Progressive Forms

At the moment with the way smart forms work, we add pagination. This means that any form with a lot of logic results in many pages. This means that users can’t easily refer back to previous answers, particularly when these forms are long. We would...
over 1 year ago in Content Marketing / Settings + Configuration 0 Planned

Wordpress Integration - Support Gutenberg Editor

Gutenberg editor is activated by default on Wordpress new versions which means most client use it in one way or another. We need to support it in order to integrate.
over 1 year ago in Content Marketing / Integrations 0 Investigating