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Status Future consideration
Created by Guest
Created on Aug 22, 2023

Allow workflow steps to be automatically assigned to the requester

Enable automatic assignment of specific workflow steps to the 'Requester,' (i.e., the Owner initiating the Campaign/Task) within the workflow template. Today we can only manually assign them to a specifically named individual or team. This feature would allow specific steps to be assigned to the person who raised the task and would use the logic of who created the task to lookup and assign the owner. This enhancement streamlines the process of creating templates and ensures that the task/campaign owner is responsible and accountable for completing the intake brief.

  • Optimizely
    Lauren Hammarstedt
    Nov 2, 2023

    Thank you for this feedback! We are starting with automation in requests module to allow for MWR to be completed when tasks are completed. This "IF THIS THEN THAT" logic will allow us to open up additional scenarios such as "If requestor requests work, assign to first step in the workflow"

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  • Guest
    Oct 17, 2023

    Completely agree. IMO it´s very much natural to be automatically preassigned to the requestor (and can be easilly change with no extra effort) who is in most cases (I assume) responsible for the 1st step. Users might be in rush so it will save clicks but also avoid situation when users cannot e.g. upload content when forgot to assign themselves (ideally they should be aware, but the world is not ideal;)