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Status Future consideration
Categories Code deployment
Created by Guest
Created on Sep 26, 2023

DirectDeploy For Preproduction And Production

I'd like to request the ability to use DirectDeploy on both preproduction and production as currently the option is only available for integration. I understand that during the DirectDeploy process the site becomes unavailable, which you'd typically want to avoid for a production deployment. But there are scenarios where a fast fix is needed opposed to having to wait for the normal deployment process to complete. One such scenario is if there is an unforeseen error with a deployment that causes the site to no longer work properly or simply throwing a site wide exception.

Some companies can lose a substantial amount of revenue the longer their site is down. Having the DirectDeploy option would minimize revenue loss by being able to recover faster...even if it means the site incurs a slight outage. I would think most reputable companies would be wise enough to not enable DirectDeploy as part of their primary production deployment process, but having it in our list of possible recovery options would be a benefit to anyone who is having a critical issue on their site.

  • Guest
    Sep 26, 2023

    This feature is crucial for my team's efficiency. Would love to see it implemented.


Direct Deploy to Pre Production

Currently, the direct deploy feature is only available in the Integration environment. I would like to have this feature available for other environments like PRE production. Link :
over 2 years ago in DXP Cloud Platform / Code deployment 0 Future consideration

Allow DirectDeploy for preproduction and production

Please enable the DirectDeploy option for preproduction and production environments. Currently it is only available for integration. I understand that the goal is for preproduction to mirror production as closely as possible and for both environme...
over 2 years ago in DXP Cloud Platform / Code deployment 1 Future consideration