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Status Future consideration
Categories Code deployment
Created by Guest
Created on Oct 22, 2021
Merged feedback

This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit DXCS-I-421 DirectDeploy For Preproduction And Production.

Allow DirectDeploy for preproduction and production Merged

Please enable the DirectDeploy option for preproduction and production environments. Currently it is only available for integration. I understand that the goal is for preproduction to mirror production as closely as possible and for both environments to have very robust validation procedures, but there are certain scenarios where a direct deployment to those environments would be beneficial. For example, we recently had a production deployment which required some additional stylesheet changes that were only discovered after the release to production was complete. In this type of scenario, there is no need to create a new slot for the deployment. Allowing the direct deployment option for all environments would give us the power to better manage releases.

  • Guest
    Sep 26, 2023

    I too think this would be a very good option because of how long deployments can take. While in a perfect world every deployment to preprod and prod goes off without a hitch, the reality is that there is always potential for something to go wrong. We recently had an issue where a deployment caused a major issue on production to the point that there was an error on the site. Having the ability to do a direct deploy would have allowed us to get the site back up and running very quickly, rather than having to wait almost 45 minutes for a full deployment to be executed.