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Status Gathering interest
Created by Guest
Created on Jan 15, 2024

Make Customer Assignment for Lists Easier to Maintain

It would be nice if we had the ability to assign lists to all customers at one. Currently, I can only assign them to 30 at a time and it is time consuming.

We would also like to see the ability to leverage rules to dynamically assign customers based on Customer Bill To and Ship To Fields (currently offered in Restriction Groups for example)

  • Optimizely
    Sara Winter
    Jan 26, 2024

    We appreciate the feedback regarding the manual assignment of customers and understand it can be cumbersome to maintain them using the current assignment window within the interface.

    Here are steps to import customer assignment to wishlists as an alternative route to handle bulk assignments -

    1. Go to Marketing > Lists

    2. Click Upload

    3. Select to import Customers

    4. Click Download Template and format your data according to the spreadsheet

      1. Enter the wishlist that the customers are added to under List Name and the customer's ERP BillTo Number and ERP ShipTo Number

      2. Save File

    5. Select Saved File from step 4

    6. Select the Import Options

    7. Click Import

    Based on feedback from you and others regarding a similar desire to require less effort to maintain the customers assigned to lists I am going to update this Feedback request to expand to provide easier way to maintain customers assigned to lists using dynamic rules.

  • Optimizely
    Sara Winter
    Jan 17, 2024

    Thank you for submitting this request. We have added this item to our backlog for future consideration and prioritization.

    If there are any additional details we should keep in consideration as it relates to this request please make sure to add comments so we can keep them in mind.