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Categories B2B Commerce CMS
Created by Guest
Created on Jan 26, 2021

Remember Me button changes

Our implementation partner just brought the following to my attention:


Please note that the InSite "Remember Me" does not function as most users would expect. It does not remember your username or login information as with most websites. 

What InSite does is after logging in, it saves some of your persona specifications (e.g. pricing, availability, cart, and wishlists) so that it can be viewed without logging in the next time you visit the website using the same browser and same device. Authentication is required when accessing addresses, account settings, user administration, invoice history, order history, or checkout. 


This makes no sense to me, I've never seen any other website that functions this way, and it is definitely causing issues with our customers. I would request that this is changed ASAP. Every other website uses Remember Me to remember the users' login information, Insite websites should function no differently. 

I don't even understand the use case behind the current functionality.