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We love feedback from you on our products and the problems in your daily work that you would like us to solve. Please describe the challenge you're encountering and your desired outcome. Be as detailed as possible.

For technical issues or bugs please head to Support or our Developer Community. You can assign up to 20 votes in total. Thank you for your feedback.

Status explanation: 'Future Consideration' = Continuing to collect further feedback, not planned at this time. 'Investigating' = Prioritized for deeper customer and feasibility investigations ahead of planning development.


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Content API for retrieving sub categories of a parent category by Id.

I am able to retrieve the category based on Id but it is not returning all the child categories under that parent category. The same can be done by episerver backend code 'CategoryRepository.Get(categoryId)'. Currently Content API search is not su...
almost 3 years ago in Community API 0

Display $ value of each discount, next to # of orders and redemptions

Marketers would like to see the $ value of every single coupon for reporting purposes. The current screen already displays # of orders and redemptions.
almost 3 years ago in Customized Commerce / Promotions 1 Gathering interest

Improve selection field Epi forms

For the Epi forms it is possible to insert selection field. You can add as many options as you like. If I then want to change the order, I can only do so by using the hamburger menu to move the item up or down one place, see attachment. It would b...
almost 3 years ago in Content Management / Forms 0

Search results showing only images if field has allowedtypes attribute set to UiHint.image

The problem is described here Property has attribute set to select only images if one choses them manually but if one has too many images and would like to narrow down the selection by filtering suddenly one gets txt and pdf files along the images...
almost 3 years ago in Search & Navigation 0

Default value for all Property types

Hi, String properties can be set up to have a default value. Can you please add that feature for Boolean and other types as well? It would be really helpful to have Booleans have a default value.
almost 3 years ago in PIM 2 Gathering interest

The On Page Editing do not work in Chrome running ChromeOS (latest version)

Our webmasters are issued Chromebooks to connect to various school services. They also use this to create content in our EpiServer website running in DXC. The On Page Editing do not work in Chrome browser. This is a feature that makes Episerver at...
almost 3 years ago in Content Management 0

Add customized fields

Customer wants the ability to create custom fields in Program Management. There should be a pre-populated drop-down menu that they can also customize. For example - Custom Field Name: Device TypeDropdown: Apple TV, Samsung TV, Roku, Xfinity, Xbox ...
almost 3 years ago in Experiment Collaboration and Management 1 Planned

Intelligent Rollback and Deploy (Experiments + Features)

No description provided
almost 3 years ago in Feature Experimentation 0 Future consideration

Folders for Full Stack Features

Currently using an in-house tool for feature flags and have over 2200 live at any give time. Projects help organize these, but would like to have another layer of organization (such as folders).
almost 3 years ago in Feature Experimentation 0 Future consideration

Image Alt Text Update w/o Publish

When updating alt text for an image in the media library, I'd like to see it updated automatically, without having to hit "publish"
about 3 years ago in Content Recommendations 1