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Customer Feedback

We love feedback from you on our products and the problems in your daily work that you would like us to solve. Please describe the challenge you're encountering and your desired outcome. Be as detailed as possible.

For technical issues or bugs please head to Support or our Developer Community. You can assign up to 10 votes in total. Thank you for your feedback.




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Remove the default warehouse load from database at every call of the pricing engine.

The RealTimePricingEngine, in the constructor there is a call to the database every time to load the default warehouse, and this is executed all the time because the dependency injection (per request) makes sure the constructor is executed every t...
about 1 year ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Misc. 0

Surprise Logout

Web Users are logged out with no warning. Their pricing changes to Guest pricing and they loose access to some of our products. I sure would like to see a window that says “You were Signed off” with the option to single click to sign back in and c...
about 1 year ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Misc. 1

Ability to notify user about quantity change due to rounding rule on cart page

Currently on store front there is no provision to notify user when quantity of a product gets updated on cart page for which rounding rule is set as "Multiple". It just auto converts the quantity to multiple of "Multiple sales qty" set on the pro...
about 1 year ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Misc. 0

As a developper I want to have the possiblity to customize the Google Maps API URL

Actually we are not able to use Google Place in the B2B Commerce Cloud website because the library is not loaded in the Google Maps API reference. It could be usefull to customize the URL in the System Settings like the Google Geocoder API URL one...
about 1 year ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Misc. 1

Change Currency and Language to be session based

Currently the currency and language are stored in cookies and don't expire for 30 days. This causes problems for sites that default to the US/USD but allow users to login and require the currency/language to automatically switch. We are able to wr...
over 1 year ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Misc. 1 Investigating

Guest checkout needs to have the shipping address editable

We have a client working with guest checkout and among others the shipping address is not editable by default as it always assumes it the same as billing address. It would make sense to have the customer edit the shipping address as it is not guar...
almost 2 years ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Misc. 1 Planned

Notification and Line Item Comments - Requisitioner

Currently, when Requisitioner enters a line item comment, Approver is not able to see the line item comments entered by the Requisitioner under the Requisitions option. We believe it would be useful to preserve the comments entered by Requisitione...
almost 2 years ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Misc. 0

Searching for specific attributes when attaching to a product manually is extremely difficult due to inaccurate search

Just copying my support ticket text so very informal below: In the admin console when you manually attach an attribute: Example: (searching for a value of "8" under Attribute Type "Length" click assign attribute values A window appears that has At...
almost 2 years ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Misc. 0

Contact Us form allows user to submit with empty spaces in required fields

The standard Contact Us form allows users to submit when required fields contain nothing but spaces. This applies to any plain text field, such as First Name and Last Name. We understand that by design the validation code will consider spaces as f...
4 months ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Misc. 1 Future consideration

Send activation emails to multiple website users

We are creating Web Users via integration job from our ERP. Currently there is no way to Send Activation Email for these new users other than one at a time manually through the Admin site. We would like a new feature to Send Activation Email for M...
4 months ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Misc. 0