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Created by Guest
Created on Dec 2, 2022

Exclude product sets

Exclusion tab which allows clients to exclude a set of products from all or specific widgets

  1. atm, the only way to exclude products from all widgets is for the client to send us a list of products to be manually excluded, or for customers to mark products as non-recommendable in the feed. An easier method would be to have an area within the portal where customers can define a list of products to be excluded from some or all widgets. Atm, when creating a merchandising campaign, a user can set a list of products to be excluded from this campaign. I’m thinking we have a setup similar to this, but with the option to define which widgets it should apply to. For instance, if a user wants to exclude 50 products from all widgets during the weekend, they could create an exclusion campaign that allows them to do so. If they then decide that they no longer need to exclude products on the home widget, they should be able to untick the ‘home’ widget and have this exclusion campaign fire on all widgets except the home widget.