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Status Future consideration
Categories Technical
Created by Guest
Created on Apr 23, 2021

Dynamic campaign criteria

When creating campaigns in product recommendations, it would be great to have dynamic value capabilities.

For example, if I have multiple brands on my website and I want the first product being recommended to match the brand of the sku that the user is on, I should be able to create a campaign rule that says brand = whatever brand the user is on the PDP of.

Another example would be categories. If I want the rec widget on the category page to only display products within that category. or my widget on the search page to only display products from the category of the product being searched. or the PDP widget to only show products within the same category. It would be nice to have this dynamic capability.

  • Optimizely
    Marc Bohnes
    May 6, 2021

    Thanks for your input. We'll look into this idea.