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Created by Guest
Created on Jul 1, 2020

Account switcher should stay on same page

We have many Personalization clients that have multiple accounts in Personalization Portal, to manage their different shops/country-&languages-sites.

Unfortunately it has become a pain to make changes across multiple accounts with the new layout because the account switcher always jumps back to the reporting/ page and it needs a lot of extra clicks to go back to the page the user was before, just to continue editing.

It would be much more convenient if the PP would remain on the same page after switching to a different account.


I needed to customize email product recommendation attributes across 5 different accounts.

I'm on Configuration > Email Product Recommendations > Customise Email attributes (

I apply my changes, switch to the next account using the account switcher in top right corner and "bam" I'm back at Reports Dashboard front page.

To go back where I left, I have to:

  • click on "Configuration"

  • wait until the page has been loaded because before the sub-menus are not available

  • click on "Email Product Recommendations"

  • wait until the page has been loaded again

  • click on "Customise Email attributes"

  • wait until this is loaded

This is a pain. I wanted to shoot myself.

  • Guest
    Jul 10, 2020

    Changing this for a more seamless switch will make applying changes for multi site clients much easier,/faster/less stressful :)