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Created by Guest
Created on Feb 18, 2022

Fallback Support For Search & Navigation Index

We have been discussing with the Optimizely team around a recently set of outages around Search & Navigation which left our client with reduced operation around Search & Navigation for a fairly long period.

What we have discussing and would like to propose is a failover index that could be used as a readonly index in case of failure. Ideally the nuget packages could be updated to support auto detecting and move to the failover instance when there's a service outage, also pausing any indexing operations.

This would at least mean that critical search functionality could be maintained during outage and then a reindex triggered when the main index comes back online.

  • Guest
    Sep 5, 2023

    Now we have the same solution but instead of creating a new index just for reading, we create a queue for the write operation. It is the service queue system. We were running service queue on USEA05 for most of the Inte and Prep indexes but there were a lot of complaints from customers about latency when indexing data. If we create a failover index and pause indexing operations when the cluster is down, we may experience this same complaint.

    In additional, it's really hard to automatically determine when there's a service outage. Sometime a cluster only have problem with several indexes and with several kind of requests.

    From my point of view, we should try to improve the service queue to make it work as expected instead of create a new failover index.

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