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Status Gathering interest
Categories Catalog & Assets
Created by Guest
Created on Jan 3, 2024

Provide way to identify Parent Products which have Variants with more than one trait

We are trying to identify the product pages where we have more than two drop downs. Is there a way to do this?

  • Optimizely
    Sara Winter
    Jan 8, 2024

    While it is not readily available in a single export you might be able to get close by leveraging multiple exports of data or work with a partner to create something custom if this is data that is needed frequently.

    We offer an export for ‘variant traits’ which users can run a pivot against to see how many traits are assigned to each of the variants, but you would still need to reference that against a different export of the product catalog with the ‘variant parents’ column selected. It would at least let your team identify the variants that exist with more than one trait.

    Below is a small sample screenshot showing how multiple exports might get you what you are looking for or closer at the very least.

    Screenshot shows a pivot I created based on the Variant Trait export (top left sheet in screenshot) against a product detail page for one of the products with more than one dropdown

    • To pull Variant Trait Values login to Configure Commerce and go to [domain] /admin/export/products (Dashboard -> Import/Export -> Export Products)

    • Change Export from Products to “Variant Trait Values” before exporting data

    The bottom screenshot is from the product catalog filtered on the Variant Parent so I can tell that even though there are 11 variant products with more than one trait name it really only equates to 2 parent products which represents the product detail pages with more than one dropdown

    • This is the product export from the Config Commerce /admin/export/products with additional columns selected