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Status Investigating
Categories Integration
Created by Guest
Created on Nov 29, 2023

IFS Aurena Integration - Getting Access Token

  • We are using the IFS Aurena Integration connector.

  • We have a connection configured as documented.

  • We are seeing the following error in the logs for real-time calls:

  • "Bad Request. {"reference":"IDP-FoEOnbOD33dK","error_description":"Missing scope","error":"invalid_request","status":400} at Insite.Integration.Connector.Base.Providers.OAuthToken"

  • Looking at the above error, the client decided to make the call in Postman. When he does not include the scope, he gets this same response. When the scope is included he is able to get the token.

  • The scope he used was scope = openid

  • It seems IFS Aurena has some updates to require the scope parameter in their APIs. However, the IFS connector has not been updated to include that parameter since January 2023.

  • The code that needs to be updated is here: Insite.Integration.Connector.Base\Providers\OAuthTokenProvider.cs

  • It is part of Insite.Integration.Connector.Base; that can not be extended.

  • This request is to have the connector updated.

  • Optimizely
    Sara Winter
    Nov 30, 2023

    Thank you for submitting this request! Our team is currently reviewing if we may implement this, particularly with consideration of our wide client base. We will update this ticket once we have completed this investigation.

    If this is blocking project work, and/or you'd like to be able to make these types of changes we recommend moving the connector code to your namespace.

  • Guest
    Nov 30, 2023

    As of January 2023, Optimizely allows partners and the implementation community to build ERP connectors to increase the number of ERP connectors and enhancements available to customers. Optimizely continues to offer existing ERP connectors in their current state, and partners have access to the connector code for future enhancements.

    The partner needs to fix this issue via customization but the class Insite.Integration.Connector.Base is not extensible. Please prioritize this request.