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Status Investigating
Categories Integration
Created by Guest
Created on Nov 28, 2022

Our Custom application toolbox (TecTools) uses shared cookies to deliver a more seamless user experience as users traverse back and forth between apps and the website. This solution does not work with sandbox site, as the sandbox users a completely different web domain. As such we cannot use the sandbox environment for integrated testing with out TecTools apps.

We currently use this solution with our current EpiServer B2C site and it works fine with that platform. We need to be able to use this for B2B Commerce Cloud as well.

Description: Tecumseh Visitor Cookie Service is a service that ensures that visitors to Tecumseh websites have the necessary cookies set to support the site’s basic functionality. The service only sets cookies if they do not exist. If the cookies already exist, the services does nothing. If the visitor has opted out of cookies, the service deletes all visitor cookies.

There are two other related services: /optout, /gacode and /test


/cookieservice – the main cookie service

/optput – checks if the optout cookie (see below) is set to “true” or “false.” If set to “true”, it will display a GDPR compliance popup if set to “false” it will do nothing.

/gacode – will inject Google Analytics code into the page if the optout cookie exists and is set to “false”, otherwise it does nothing.
/test – a simple page to test all of these services.

Current Release: 1.0

https:// ->

https:// ->
https:// ->

Source Repository:

Publishing Instructions:

  • In visual studio, clone a copy of the code from the source repository above.

  • Edit the app.config file and change the value of ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT to one of the following values:

Development: Publish to development https://TecumsehVisitorCookieService
Staging: Publish to test https://TecumsehVisitorCookieService
Production: Publish to production https://

  • Open the build tab from the Build -> Publish menu item

  • Select the appropriate publish profile or create a new one and click “Publish”

Cookie Details


Description: Indicate whether the user has opted into accepting cookies, per the GDPR. True=Opt out, no cookies. False=Opt in, ok to set cookies.
Values: true, false
Age: 365 days


Description: Visitor language.
Values: 2 letter ISO language code.
Age: 365

Description: Visitor country.
Values: 2 letter ISO country code.
Age: 365

Description: Tecumseh sales/marketing region.
Values: Tecumseh region value.
Age: 365


Description: Tecumseh sales/marketing subregion.
Values: Tecumseh subregion value.
Age: 365


Description: Visitor’s preferred/default unit of measurement.
Values: Imperial, Metric
Age: 365

  • Optimizely
    Kristin McKee
    Jan 4, 2023

    Thank you for this suggestion. Our team is currently investigating if we can make this improvement for you and, if so, an ETA on completion. I hope to have a response within two weeks.