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Status Gathering interest
Created by Guest
Created on Oct 19, 2022

Multi OpenID SSO Client

Multiple Optimizely B2B Commerce customers have told us they would like to offer their customers the ability to connect to their e-com using SSO. As they have customers in the thousands and that some customers might use similar identity services, the number of clients that will need to be configured will be in the thousands and, often, they will have to connect to a similar identity service (for example, Azure).

The required changes could be as follow:

  1. In the Optimizely admin, it should be to configure an arbitrary (n) number of clients, regardless of the "flavour" (Azure, Facebook, etc.)

  2. On the e-com frontend login, it should be possible to add a "Login with SSO" button

    1. To allow an n number of clients to use the SSO, the new form should have an email field

    2. Upon filling in the form, the email will be used to know to which identity service redirect the user

    3. When user logged in successfully though the external identity service, the user would be redirected to the e-com and logged in.

  • Optimizely
    Kristin McKee
    Apr 3, 2023

    At this time, we do not plan to support an identity provider for the storefront directly in the admin console of Configured Commerce. However, it is something we would consider for the future.

    However, this should be possible via a workaround that leverages Configured Commerce's support for Open ID Connect with a third-party SSO provider that supports home realm discovery.

    Configured Commerce currently supports Open ID connect on the storefront. You can configure the storefront to use Open ID Connect to go to a third-party identity provider, which will allow you to configure home realm discovery with the end customer's SSO identity provider.

  • Guest
    Dec 21, 2022

    Greif is planning to use the same OpenID SSO provider (2 instances) with Optimizely B2B both for customers and internal staff. We have been told that at this point it is only possible to define a SSO provider once for OpenID and urgently need the possibility to use OpenID more than once (customers and internal staff)

  • Guest
    Oct 21, 2022

    A valid request. What types of customers do you get this demand from? I see it more common to setup a punchout integration wherein the buyer is interacting in their procurement platform - coupa, ariba, jagger, etc and auth is handled via cxml