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Categories Integration
Created by Guest
Created on Feb 14, 2022

Allow to cancel an integration job programatically

As a developper, I would like to have a way to programmatically stop an integration job while it's being executed.

The current way, if you exit it will process the next steps anyways, and you have to use complex ways and non-graceful ways to keep your status that you want to exit the job.

Something like the "ExitPipeline" property would be nice.

The status "CancelRequested" exists but is overidden in the WebServiceHandler by RetrieveJobStatus and the job is flagged as Success at the end. But even then, it would not process the next steps if you asked for a Cancel.

  • Guest
    Mar 17, 2022

    politely requesting often doesn't work. most effective way is to stop the commerce service on wis. as you said, non-graceful