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Status Gathering interest
Created by Guest
Created on Sep 30, 2021

Boost products while navigating through categories

Boosting product using search is a good feature and works perfectly fine.

There should be some mechanism that should boost product while navigating through the categories. There should be a way where boost condition can be customized and boost the products. This will help users/customers/business to buy those products frequently and display them on the top instead of navigating through pagination and reaching out to the results.

  • Guest
    Mar 10, 2023

    We have a need to have more granularity with boosting:

    We need to be able to boost based on categories and product properties (for example for category ABC, we need to boost products with Color property = blue)

    We need to be able to boost products based on sales (for example for category XYZ, boost on products wiht sales > $xxx).

  • Guest
    Feb 14, 2023

    We have a similar request:
    As a Marketer I need to have more granularity and control in the Boosting feature, so I can boost a specific group of item, or best, select which position in a PLP the boosted items should be displayed.

    Problem we are trying to solve:
    Currently we default to best sellers in sort, but don't know whether there is also a weight applied to all items listed in this sort. When we go into the boost feature we would typically add a group of product and assign a weight to it. All these items then rise to the top of the assortment in order we input into the boost field. We have the ability to split out a larger list by putting a couple items and assign a weight and then create a separate boost and apply different weight, but that displays in the assortment in relation to the boosts vs. considering the relation to the default sort.

    We must have the ability to give a weight to a grouping of product and have it either be forced to a certain position or just be sprinkled throughout an assortment of a given range.


    When navigation to the Ring category, we want to boost a grouping of new arrivals on the PLP. We don't want them immediately shot to the top of the list, but we'd like them sporadically sprinkled throughout the first 2 pages of the best sellers results (or any other sort selected). Ideally we would be able to select specific placement of an item if we wanted (push item A to position 2, item B to position 5, item C through E to position 16-19. ) This ideally would apply to PLP from Navigation and PLP from Search. For example, on search results page from searching “silver necklace”, if item A, B, and C are part of the results set, they would be boosted to position 2, 5 and 16.

    Additional info:
    We have reached out to Guidance, and this change request cannot be done with Opti/Elastic search being the way they are with not having a way to access and manipulate scoring.

  • Optimizely
    Sara Winter
    Jan 25, 2023

    Thank you for submitting this request! We have added this item to our backlog for future consideration and prioritization.

  • Guest
    Sep 30, 2021

    This is the same request as entered on "FIN-I-84"