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Status Planned
Categories Misc.
Created by Guest
Created on Sep 22, 2021

Google Analytics 4 Implementation

Google is currently running Universal Analytics and GA4 at the same time, but there is a push from Google to set-up new sites on GA4, and there is no guarantee the Universal Analytics will be available once the official switch to GA4 happens.

Would like to suggest the site be GA4 compatible before Google requires the switch over.

See the attached Google article for some addtional information:

  • Guest
    Aug 16, 2022

    Hi Kristin,

    Do we have any news regarding GA4 + DXP Content Cloud?

    A question that came up:

    "I, like many others, am trying to get a little more insight into GA4 and what consequences it means for us.

    What input do you have on that? They talk about G-id and that that support is available in some CMS. How is your platform working?

  • Optimizely
    Kristin McKee
    Jul 15, 2022

    We will be adding functionality to the Admin Console of B2B Commerce to support GA4, Universal Analytics, or both at the same time. This will be released in the September 2022 release.

  • Guest
    Mar 28, 2022

    This is becoming more important now that there is a sunset time for UA. Additionally, it appears Google is restricting the ability to create new UA properties in some cases.