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Customer Feedback

We love feedback from you on our products and the problems in your daily work that you would like us to solve. Please describe the challenge you're encountering and your desired outcome. Be as detailed as possible.

For technical issues or bugs please head to Support or our Developer Community. You can assign up to 20 votes in total. Thank you for your feedback.

Status explanation: 'Future Consideration' = Continuing to collect further feedback, not planned at this time. 'Investigating' = Prioritized for deeper customer and feasibility investigations ahead of planning development.


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Being able to see experiment data before the last reset

This would give more transparency about the development of an experiment. Now the data is simply gone :(
over 2 years ago in Feature Experimentation 0 Future consideration

Filtering for conversions by whitelisted users

Conversions from whitelisted users are useful for debugging and QA. They can however be distorting results from live data - especially on low total conversion metrics. Optimizely could mark the events in the moment of processing and offer an easy ...
over 2 years ago in Feature Experimentation 0 Future consideration

Drag and Drop Content blocks

As an email marketer, I want to be able to drag and drop content blocks without having to click into each section.
over 2 years ago in Campaign 0 Future consideration

SQL Long term backup

We would like for Optimizely to consider long-term backups. The feature is there in Azure SQL, which is to enable Azure SQL LTR policy.
almost 3 years ago in DXP Cloud Platform / Data management 0 Future consideration

Set Seed of Experiment Allocation

It would be helpful to set the seed of traffic allocation so that you know the same user (same user ID) would be in the same variation on both experiments. Essentially the distribution of V1 vs V2 would be the same numbers (between 0-10000) in bot...
almost 3 years ago in Feature Experimentation / SDKs & Agent 0 Future consideration

PaaS Portal API, ignore ZeroDownTimeMode for commerce package by default

We are currently changing our Azure Pipeline so that we can deploy using the Smooth Deploy feature. Initially our scripts were pushing both CMS and Commerce at the same time, avoiding to push them individually. The introduction of the flag ZeroDow...
almost 3 years ago in DXP Cloud Platform / Code deployment 2 Future consideration

Chose multiple databases when backing up

When we chose to backup the database via the PASS portal we ideally want the point of backup for both cms and commerce to be the exact same time. Currently you have to do them one at a time and it blocks while backing up. Can we have this feature ...
almost 3 years ago in DXP Cloud Platform / Data management 1 Future consideration

Exclusion keywords for Adaptive Audiences

As a customer, I want to be able to specify exclusion keywords for an adaptive audience, so that if a user hits a page that scores one of those keywords highly, they would have a increased probability of being excluded from that audience.
almost 3 years ago in Data Science 0 Future consideration

Intelligent Rollback and Deploy (Experiments + Features)

No description provided
about 3 years ago in Feature Experimentation 0 Future consideration

Folders for Full Stack Features

Currently using an in-house tool for feature flags and have over 2200 live at any give time. Projects help organize these, but would like to have another layer of organization (such as folders).
about 3 years ago in Feature Experimentation 0 Future consideration