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Status Future consideration
Product Data Science
Created by Guest
Created on Jan 18, 2022

Recommend other things as well as products and content

As a customer using Intelligence Cloud, I want to be able to recommend personalized promotions, to drive more revenue.

    • Motivation - This would be something that our Commerce customers would be interested in, in terms of which promotion to actually put in front of someone. Today, a lot of customers use third-party promotions engines, and they're starting to go into the prediction side of it, obviously to drive more revenue and impact for customers.

    • Description - This one is about recommending a different entity type. As well as recommending content and/or products, we'd also like to be able to recommend promotions, such as, as an offer, usually with a monetary value. For example, is a 10%-off coupon better than a buy-one-get-one-free, or free shipping, etc. The logic behind it would be end-user eligibility. It's structurally kind of similar to content or product but, but a different entity, like a different asset. The goal is to automatically choose from a set of predefined promotions the right one for a particular customer. Rather than optimizing on conversion, we need to optimise for margin (how much the retailer will actually make selling a product with a certain promotion). Potentially, promotions could be for Content customers too. For example, is it better to recommend three free articles and a monthly subscription versus access this article now for 99 cents.