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Categories Technical
Created by Guest
Created on Sep 12, 2022

CMS.UI 12.10 - revert tooltip and layout changes done to properties in August

Update 1:

"Improve help text"

What I am using today

All projects since 2014-ish have used this idea on displaying "Help Text" for Editors:

- I've worked with 25++ projects, they all use the idea above, from 2014.

Why didnt you keep supporting that idea, instead of this breaking change.

Multiple customers have their own background color and font-size/family for the descriptions, now it's breaking...

Today in CMS 12.9.0 (with a custom css module):

Today in CMS 12.10.0 (clean empty project):

It clutters up the UI, look at all question marks, the UI is full of them! And you also have to click to view descriptions ...

Solution for update 1:

Render the description inside an attribute again.

  • For the "Top Pane Container Node", render the description on "title" attribute to get the hover effect, less clutter/question marks in the Top Pane

  • For non "Top Pane Container Node" elements, render them as 'epi-property-description' attribute (instead of the title attribute) to avoid hover effect in browsers. And keep the name same as the css class? Well, up to you.

    If so I could simply add a custom css module to hide elements with css class 'epi-property-description' element, and still be able to use the 2014 article solution on the 'epi-property-description' attribute, which you set to be equal to 'description'

    • This would then support "CMS.UI 12.10" question mark solution, and also leave an option with little pain, to support the old way of showing descriptions (tooltips).

I would have just reverted it though, but up to you...

Features like this should go into feature toggling in appSettings.json:

"EPiServer": {

"UI": {

"property-description": "button OR attribute OR all" //or whatever the names you want to give it...



Update 2:

"Changing location of the labels to be above..."

Solution for update 2:

Just revert it?

At least add feature toggling so one can either have title above or not. I would prefer reverting it completely though.

  • I've already written a css module to revert it back though, but I should'nt have to maintain such a thing

Features like this should go into feature toggling in appSettings.json:

"EPiServer": {

"UI": {

"property-title-layout": "above OR unset" //or whatever the names you want to give it...



Note: Title above - should be next to, due to the Update 1 solution, want descriptions shown under title, else its a decent idea.