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Product PIM
Created by Guest
Created on Mar 13, 2024

Adding Backup Functionality to the PIM

I'm reaching out to suggest an improvement for our PIM software. I think it would be really helpful to add a backup feature.

Right now, your PIM doesn't have a way to back up data automatically. This means there's a risk of losing important information if something unexpected happens, like a system crash or accidental deletion. Adding a backup feature would fix this issue and give our peace of mind knowing our data is safe.

With a backup feature, we could save copies of our data regularly to a secure place, either on their own computer or in the cloud. This would not only protect against data loss but also make it easier to recover if something goes wrong.

Also, having a backup feature is something a lot of other similar software programs offer, so it's a good industry standard to follow. It shows that you are committed to giving your clients a reliable and easy-to-use solution that meets their needs.

I really think adding a backup feature would make your PIM even better. I hope the development team will consider my suggestion and see if it's possible to add this feature in future updates.

Thanks for taking your time to consider my idea. Let me know if you need more information or help with anything else.