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Product PIM
Created by Guest
Created on Jun 20, 2023

Enhancing PIM with Sorting Option for Numbered Assets Associated with a Product

Currently, Opti Product Information Management (PIM) system allows users to associate multiple assets with a product. These assets could include images, videos, documents, and other multimedia files. However, there is a need to improve the Opti PIM system by introducing a sorting option for the numbered assets associated with a product.

Enhancement Request:

  • Customizable Sorting: We propose adding a customizable sorting option within the Opti PIM system that allows users to sort the numbered assets based on their index or any other criteria. This would provide greater flexibility in organizing and displaying the assets associated with a product.

  • Drag-and-Drop Sorting: Implementing a drag-and-drop functionality would further streamline the sorting process. Users should be able to rearrange the assets by simply dragging them to the desired position in the sorting order. This intuitive method would save time and effort when reordering a large number of assets.

  • Ascending/Descending Sorting: To accommodate different user preferences, the sorting feature should include options for both ascending and descending orders. This way, users can choose whether they want the assets to be sorted from smallest to largest or vice versa, based on the asset index or any other relevant attribute.

  • Bulk Sorting: In cases where there are numerous assets associated with a product, it would be beneficial to have a bulk sorting option. This feature would enable users to select multiple assets and apply the desired sorting order simultaneously. It would greatly enhance efficiency when managing large volumes of assets.

  • Persistent Sorting: Once the assets are sorted, the Opti PIM system should remember the chosen sorting order. This means that even when users navigate away from the product or close and reopen the PIM system, the sorting order should persist. Consistent and remembered sorting would provide a better user experience and eliminate the need for repetitive sorting actions.

  • Visual Indicators: It would be helpful to have visual indicators, such as arrows or numbering, displayed next to the assets to reflect their current sorting order. This would make it easy for users to identify the position of each asset in the sorting sequence and make adjustments if necessary.