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Created by Guest
Created on Jan 19, 2023

Bulk upload of attribute values

There is not a straightforward means of bulk updating product data. My expectation would be to download all the products and attributes in a category and then be able to perform a bulk update.

I'd love to just be able to download my entire product file with all the attributes, but I realizes this could be an impossible ask.

  • Guest
    Feb 24, 2023

    Hi Ian,

    Since I have not heard back I'm going to move this to already implemented. If the options I outlined do not cover your use case please let me know with additional information and I can reopen this idea.



  • Guest
    Jan 23, 2023

    Hi Ian, thanks for the feedback!

    We have a few ways to bulk update data that may work for you.

    1. Bulk Edit - If you have multiple products that should have the same value for specific properties (e.g. you want to set the material value for 100 products that are the same material). Filter for and select the products you want to edit on the product list, click bulk edit from the footer bar, and then edit the data in the side panel and apply the changes to all the products. The side panel only shows properties that are valid for the selected products.

    2. Multi Edit - If you have multiple products that should have different values for the same properties. Filter for and select the products you want to edit on the product list and click the multi edit button in the footer bar. This will open the product detail page for the first product and let you edit the products in sequence.

    3. Export/Import - If you have many products that you want to edit data for. Filter the product list (you can filter for products in specific category), or select specific products from the list that you want to edit. Click export in the top right - this will give you options on what products you want to include in the export and what data you want to include. If you want to export all data choose 'All properties' but note that this will include some system properties (status, created on, etc.) that cannot be updated. You can then export the file, make changes, and reimport the data to make bulk changes.

    Is there something specifically that isn't working for you with the export or the import/upload process?