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Created by Guest
Created on Nov 30, 2022

More Operators for Dynamic Category Rules

Currently, the operator choices are "Equals", "Is Not Equal To", and "Matches". At a very minimum, there should be a "Does Not Match".

As a use case, we have a category called Pins. We want ".05in SS Pin Chrome" to be automatically added to the Pins category. I do not want "Sticky Notes - Pink" to be placed in the Pins Category.

In addition, with the Dynamic Rules active, I can not manually add/remove products to/from a category. This makes it incredibly frustrating to work with.

  • Guest
    Jan 25, 2023

    Hi Ian and thanks for the feedback.

    We have several items in the backlog to improve dynamic categories, and I will add your feedback here on additional operators like "Does not match" and the possibility of having a combination of dynamic rules with additional static assignments. Updates to dynamic categories are not on our near term roadmap but we will consider these for the future.

    Using the existing dynamic category functionality our biggest recommendation is to leverage product templates to drive category rules. If you have product templates that match your lowest level categories this is the easiest way to setup rules, but there may be options that work even if you don't have templates for each category. For instance, if you have a pins category, and all the products in this category belong to a more generic template like "fasteners" you could add a rule for product template = fasteners and another rule where the product title must match "*pin*". This would automatically include any product with the fastener template that includes 'pin' in the product title. I'm not sure if this would work in your case, as there is still risk for products to match on the string, but you could see if some rule like this would work. Another option, depending on your data, is to leverage something like a 'product type' or 'category type' if you have this data to narrow down what products the string will match against.

    I hope this helps as we believe dynamic categories can significantly simplify category management once you get the initial rules setup.