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Product PIM
Created by Guest
Created on Jan 25, 2021

InsitePIM - Brand Property - Option to be a Text Box or a Dropdown

Currently, the Brand Property will only map if a dropdown is used. I would like to have the option to use a Text Script and not just the dropdown. If a text box was available you can add this to the import and it would assign the Brand.  You can still use the import, but you have to add it to the dropdown before you import the product, but if  you forget it, it will error in the import process.  It is one more step to an already complicated process to get these products set-up in PIM. Using the dropdown will hold any user to a standard naming convention, but if you are maintaining hundreds of brands and adding new brands all the time, there has to be a more streamlined process. We can add a list through the Property import, but this is another step.  Unless you could add a new brand during the import process, similar to the Product Template Import, that the template name auto-generates from the list at the time of import if it does not already exist.

  • Guest
    Jan 6, 2022

    I have created an enhancement suggestion related to Brands in -- to be able to populate other brand fields as well.

  • Guest
    Apr 6, 2021

    We added the option to map the following control types to Brand: Text Field, Dropdown, Radio Button

    Instead of using a text field for the brand I recommend using a dropdown control type but enabling adhoc values for this property. With adhoc values enabled, data governance is not enforced when importing data for this property and new values are automatically added to the property. These values will then be selectable when editing products within the PIM application.

    Use of adhoc values introduces risk for having inconsistent data, (e.g. you may end up with a brand with a trademark symbol and the same brand without the symbol) so we generally recommend against using this option for customer facing data. It can be useful in project implementations though to get large sets of data in. Ideally you will review the imported values and clean up any duplicates or bad values that got in.

    We are also considering improvements to import error resolution that will allow approving values for properties without having to go to the properties screen.