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Created by Guest
Created on Oct 25, 2023

Support blue/green deployment

As a Customer, I would like to have a blue/green deployment mechanism so that I can confidently implement substantial changes, encompassing both code and content updates, in production.


I am planning to deploy a new feature to my app that requires changes to both the code and the content. I need to use a blue/green deployment mechanism to ensure that the deployment does not disrupt the existing experience for my customers.

Acceptance Criteria

  1. A staging environment must be established, mirroring the production environment.

  2. A blue-green deployment strategy must be implemented, allowing the switch between the current production (blue) and the new deployment (green) with minimal downtime.

  3. A comprehensive testing suite must be established to verify that the green environment is fully functional and compatible with the native app.

  4. A rollback strategy must be defined and documented to revert to the blue environment in case of unexpected issues during the green deployment.


Blue/green deployment of customer code and content

Customers that deploy substantial changes potentially including both code and content changes need a mechanism for verifying such changes and deploying them to production with confidence.
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