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Created by Guest
Created on Apr 15, 2024

In-rule definition and visibility of variables

In Feature Experimentation, the user has to create a variation and define variables before being able to select that variation (and thereby the variables) in a rule.

This feature request is about the "in-rule definition and visibility of variables".

When comparing FX to legacy FS, with regards to how/where variables are defined: in legacy FS feature tests, the user could define the variables directly inside the rule. It was not necessary to first create the variation, and also it was possible to see the variables' values directly in the rule.

With FX, the user first needs to create the variation with the desired variables. When selecting that variation in the rule, the user can't see which variables this variation includes. So the "expected outcome" of that rule isn't obvious from the rule definition.

The request is therefore:

  • Displaying variable values inside the Rule definition. So when the user selects "Variation #1" in the rull, then show (it can be on-hover) the variables that come with this variation.

  • Removing the requirement to create the variation prior to selecting it in a rule. For example, let the user select the variable values directly in the rule. Alternatively, if the FX platform strictly requires a variation and can't handle "rule-specific variables" without a variation, then automatically generate a variation from these in-rule-variables to save the customer this step. There could be a "Create variation" dialog in the variation selector in the Rule definition.