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Created by Guest
Created on Oct 31, 2023

Feedback from a POC customer on usability

Here is some feedback I got from someone who's running a POC of Feature Experimentation.

  1. Frustrating that Development environment is chosen by default when clicking a Flag. This person has made changes to the wrong environment many times before realizing she was in the Development environment instead of the intended Production environment. It'd be nice to either remember the last environment upon re-entry or to be able to set a preference for which environment to have active upon clicking a Flag.

  2. While it's easy to go from editing a rule inside a flag to its results, it's frustratingly cumbersome to go the other way; from looking at the Results page it requires lots of clicks and focus to get back to the Rule whose results one is looking at. There is often a need to go back and forth between a rule in a flag and the results page for that rule.

  3. Overall, it is hard to see at a glance which experiments are active, which have been paused or stopped and which ones are in "draft" mode. (Note, they are not using Program Management nor Exp Collab; would either of these help in this regared?)

  • Guest
    Oct 31, 2023

    I totally agree on #2 !

    Often, when people refer to an FX experiment and share the link to a Results Page, or only an Experiment ID, it is nearly impossible to get to the Rule in question in a straightforward way. One has to take the Experiment Key that's visible on the Results Page and hope that this contains the flag key by which it can then be found in the Flags overview. From there, one then has to page through the environments to search for the rule in question. A direct link from the Results page back to the Rule should be added.