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Categories Data management
Created by Guest
Created on Mar 8, 2024

Requesting auto-detection alerts when website content isn’t displaying correctly.

Due to a recent bug with the Optimizely DXP, our company have had occurrences of website content (such as news and press release pages) not showing correctly to all of our visitors. This issue was reported by our web agency Ninetech to your support. From what has been explained to us through Optimizely support this has been caused by load balancing, that 50% of the time appoints our visitors with an instance that for some reason has trouble communicating with our Search & Navigation engine. This results in a faulty retrieval of news and press releases for up to half of our audience.

When discussed further with your support, we were informed that there’s isn’t currently any function to auto-detect when this issue occurs, but that it might be possible to set this up in cases where there's a specific need, or otherwise at least submit this request.

Since we are a listed public company, it is of the utmost importance that our content, especially regulatory press releases are available at all times with minimal to no downtime. In any cases this may happen, it is important that we are informed at the earliest convenience, so that we are able to inform of this internally and take proactive measures to restore this issue.

From what we can gather this type of detection isn’t anything we can setup ourselves, and that is why we would want to ask you to help us set up this.

Feel free to contact us with any further questions or input on how to progress in this matter.