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Status Future consideration
Categories Health reporting
Created by Guest
Created on Jan 16, 2023

Pro-active alerts for Azure Infrastucture Upgrades

Can we please request for MS/Azure to provide us with prior/advanced notice when upgrades will be taking pace and that these alerts are sent on to customers. If so, they should have different wording, and a different look and feel to our existing Failed Availability Check notifications so these can be clearly differentiated.

  • Guest
    Jan 16, 2023

    Alternatively if the current alerts could be sent with a table which clearly links the alert to the cause (or likely cause), and the severity of the impact. I have mocked up an example table/structure of how we could lay this out (if possible, and perhaps use colour coding to clearly identify the severity/cause/etc so that customers dont need to spend as much time asking questions about the nature of the alert. In cases where the a particular category is still being investigated we could place a "being investigated" response which is then updated in future alerts/responses to customers. Of course the categories of interest will likely be different to what i've outlined but I hope this demonstrates a more detailed and clearly worded type of alerting which would be valuable to many customers.



    Alert Type

    Slowness/Outage/No impact to production instances/Other

    Source/Cause (confirmed or likely)

    Bot attack/Azure upgrade/Opti Upgrade/Being investigated/Other

    Instances affected


    Other relevant category