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Status Future consideration
Created by Guest
Created on Nov 4, 2021

Support for Cloudflare Image Resizing

A lot of solutions we use require and image resizing implementation to improve performance upon our sites.

These solutions require installing third-party plugins and updating image urls with querystring parameters. The resizing of these images happens within the app service.

Cloudflare Image Resizing is a simialr piece of technology however it would perform the resizing upon the cloudflare edge platform.

Would it therefore be possible to support the Cloudflare Image Resizing feature as part of the DXP Cloud Services?


  • Guest
    Dec 13, 2022

    Life would be so much better if there was support for cloudflare image resizing.

  • Guest
    Nov 29, 2022

    Please enable Cloudflare Image Resizing. Cloudflare is such a powerful toolbox, so it's a shame we only get this crippled version in DXP.

  • Guest
    Nov 24, 2022

    I would love the 1st option, "Using a specially-formatted URL determined by the CDN"

    What version/licensing of/for Cloudflare is there in a DXP environment? Is it supporting the image resizing so a partner can implement this on their own?

  • Guest
    Oct 23, 2022

    +1 for this one. We really need to have a way of reizing image within the services from optimizely that is not relying on third party tools/licenses but is included within DXP.

  • Guest
    Sep 9, 2022

    This would be a super useful tool for us, I hope you can implement this in DXP! We are already using query parameters for our image resizing tools, so it would be an easy switch to implement Cloudflare style parameters instead.

  • Guest
    Feb 8, 2022

    I'm sure you can find a good convention and possibly some basic PaaS-portal configuration to get a good mix of locked down sizing steps and ease-of-use.

  • Optimizely
    Elias Lundmark
    Nov 24, 2021

    Thanks for sharing this feedback! Image Resizing at the edge is indeed a powerful tool to offload the origin from a very CPU intensive task. Though it may be difficult for us to get away from the query string parameters as this is the CDNs main way of determining resize parameters. There's two ways of deploying the image resizer,

    1. Using a specially-formatted URL determined by the CDN

    2. Using a Worker to extract resize parameters from query string

    Option #1 has the advantage of not requiring a third-party plugin, and option #2 has the advantage of allowing the use of third-party plugins to administrate image resizing but the actual resizing will happen at the edge rather than the origin.

    Would love to hear what direction you'd prefer!