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Status Planned
Created by Guest
Created on Oct 27, 2020

Clear CDN Cache Added To API / Powershell

Common deployment pattern within the DXP when using Azure Devops or another CI/CD system.

  • Deploy package

  • Clear CDN in Pass Portal

Ideally having to manually login to do this step shouldn't be required.

Can we get the CDN clearing added to and the Powershell so we can add that in to the pipeine.

Also world needs some tags for the DXP / Deployment API

  • Guest
    Dec 3, 2020

    Yes, that's great for new projects. I already have been using versioning as standard for new builds but we have a load of legacy projects passed over from other agencies (as a lot of agencies do) and it's not always easy proposition to rework the way these projects work, especially without time and budget to do so.

    Also any statically cached assets such as images or controller level page cache that's a little more tricky. In normal scenarios I might intelligently add some initialization code and use the CDN API but I've requested this before and it's not something Epi will give me

  • Optimizely
    John Hakansson
    Dec 3, 2020

    Hi Scott, thanks for this feedback. We have this in the roadmap, meanwhile you're waiting for this we recommend you to look at e.g. versioning etc to avoid the need for CDN purge when doing deployments. Regards, John