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Created by Guest
Created on Apr 23, 2024

A true unpublish option or the ability to schedule the end of expiration

A true unpublish option would be a huge asset to the CMS. If that's not possible (or at least not possible soon), then the ability to schedule an end to expiration should work.

It might sound like a small thing, but being able to unpublish and then schedule for republishing can be the difference between a couple of clicks and rebuilding an entire page (or pages, if you're very unlucky). In the current system, if something needs to be pulled off the site you have to expire it. But if you want to put it back up at a specific time (which can be very important for press releases, campaigns, etc) then you have no choice but to rebuild the whole thing; you can't just make a copy of an expired page because it will still register as previously published, leaving you exactly where you were with the original.