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Categories Multi-language
Created by Guest
Created on Sep 6, 2023

Extend Language Manager Add On - Add/Support new languages

Hi Team

As a Customer, we want to be able to add new languages which are not currently visible or supported in EPiServer Language Manager, so that we can support our current business model as part of our long term strategic plans to migrate our current websites over to the Optimizely CMS/DXP Platform.

Currently within EPiServer CMS, we can only assign one locale per root folder per site in Optimizely which is not really a feasible thing to do. A couple examples of language cultures which are currently not supported within EPiServer Language Manager are : en-fr / en-es and es-pl. I attach screenshots of trying to do this on a CMS 12 instance in a DXP environment(Integration). There are other examples of this which I can also provide information about, but these are some high level ones to start with.

I am aware that there is a CMS 11 solution for this via this link but this isn't really feasible/suitable as part of our long term migration plans to move over to CMS 12.

Is this something which can be looked into as a matter of urgency please? We are currently in discussions with Optimizely Expert Services/Architects about this and we do have urgent timelines on this from a website migration perspective.

If you have any questions, please let me know

Kind Regards