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Created by Guest
Created on Jan 27, 2021

TinyMCE v5

Would be helpful to be on tinyMCE v5. There are a number of new features, including table builder that our users would heavily use

  • Optimizely
    Cindy Gilbertson
    Jul 8, 2022

    Hi Jonathan, we decided to upgrade to tinyMCE 6. This is on our short term roadmap, keep an eye out for release notes on the topic in the upcoming months.

  • Optimizely
    Cindy Gilbertson
    Jun 1, 2022

    Hello, we are currently investigating the viability of an upgrade to v5 and v6. Will update you on the outcome in the upcoming weeks.

  • Guest
    Sep 24, 2021

    We are also trying to add a TinyMce extension for a customer, but the extension is not working with version 4 that is currently the latest. Do we have any update on this?

  • Guest
    Sep 7, 2021

    We were trying to add a TinyMce extension for an customer when we discovered that this extension only supports TinyMCE version 5, and unfortuantly the CMS only provides version 4. We would really love to get support for version 5. Since TinyMce is a seperated package/module to the CMS, maybe consider making it open source so the community could help keep it up to date?