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Categories DAM/Library
Created by Guest
Created on Dec 19, 2023

Make Expiry Dates on Library Assets Functional - Expired Assets Shouldn't be Accessible

As a financial services company, we need the "Expired Assets" to actually be expired and not accessible. That means:
- Public Links should go to an error page (a nice feature would be able to customize this page so we can put an "on-brand" error message)

- Library Users shouldn't be able to download it. If the asset is expired, we don't want users using it.

  • Users should be able to create a Request to ask for the file to be updated if they need to use it, but they should not be able to download it.

If other clients do not want the expiration date to be so functional, perhaps it can be a master setting that you can turn on/off at the system level similar to the "Upload to Library (add assets to library without a public url) and SEO Friendly URL master settings for Asset Management