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Status Shipped
Created by Guest
Created on Nov 29, 2022

Ingest 3rd party content

We want to bring content from multiple CMS systems and other sources of often quite structured "domain" content such as teachers, players, products, services, countries, recipes etc. into the graph

When building experiences using the Graph, it would be useful to be able to query not just content created by editors in Optimizely CMS, but content from all the various content repositories that contain relevant data to the site experience.

Would like to

  1. Extend schema types with additional properties from a 3rd party repo.
    Example could be price coming from an ERP system, another could be an image url coming from a PIM system. In both cases, the content is not managed in the CMS, but part of the presentation / delivery of products.

  2. Ingest content from multiple CMS instances
    Example could be SF that use a separate CMS instance as a pure content repo for movies and related data

  3. Ingest content from a generic 3rd party content source

  4. Manage content sources
    Example: When was the last update from a content source, how many changes are being processed right now, create / manage keys and sources.

  5. Filter source types, fields and data
    Example: Choose which types are stored or searchable in the Graph, limit what data is ingested e.g. only cars with the property "EV"