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Status Shipped
Product Campaign
Created by Guest
Created on Jan 19, 2021

webhook for spam-complaint events

Why are spam-complaints such an impactful recipient interaction?

  • building and maintaining a strong sender reputation requires close monitoring and analysis of spam complaints

  • campaign performance reporting needs to take every single spam-complaint into account to reveal the true impact of each campaign

  • spam-complaints are extremely important to understand where our email communication strategy does not meet customer's expectation

    • cadence / message frequency too high

    • message content lacking relevance

    • bad quality of permissions / consent (from certain opt in source - e.g. prize games)

  • recipients who issued a spam-complaint require an immediate update of customer master data as a spam-complaints include the impact of an opt-out (permission / consent is withdrawn)


  • we receive response- & interaction-data within seconds

  • we process suppression events (unsubscribe, spam-complaint, bounces) close to real-time

  • we replace existing response export-jobs

    • as currently used for closed loop interface (kms)

    • as used to provide data for our datalake / big query

  • with webhooks we can process response data immediately in order to trigger subsequent steps - e.g.

    • customer master data updates

    • re-calculation of next best offer / next best action

    • trigger for follow up communication within the same or an alternate communication channel


event trigger

  • event sent when recipient clicks "spam-complaint" button / issues spam-complaint via feedback-loop integration with mailbox provider

standard payload included in all webhook events

  • mailing group ID (client- / mandator-ID)

  • mailing ID

  • encoded mailing2userID (mailId)

  • recipient ID

  • recipient list ID

event specific payload

  • name of mailbox provider (fbl rule name)

  • Guest
    Jan 20, 2021

    A lot if ESPs report spam complaints automatically per recipient's spam click to Campaign as a feedback loop.

    These kind of reports should be observable via a webhook.