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Created by Guest
Created on Feb 18, 2021

Searching for specific attributes when attaching to a product manually is extremely difficult due to inaccurate search

Just copying my support ticket text so very informal below:

In the admin console when you manually attach an attribute:

Example: (searching for a value of "8" under Attribute Type "Length"
click assign attribute values
A window appears that has Attribute type defaulted (this should default to value not attribute type)

When you search here the default does not bring up the desired attribute
You sort by Attribute Type or Value, and if you have an abundance of very similar attribute types, you will have to click through multiple pages of results to find the appropriate attribute type.

Trying to work around this, you change Attribute type to Value and type the value of the attribute value you are looking for.
In this example "8"
It returns a lot of results, but I do not see the one I want immediately.
Instead of returning only values that are an exact match for 8 (as I typed) it appears it is doing a soft search with any attribute with an 8 in it and not prioritizing ones that match 100%.
I try to sort by Attribute Type and Value and none of those options brings me closer to the value I am looking for.

You then try to filter by attribute type on the results from this search.
In this example I am looking for the Attribute type of "Length"
I click on the filter, and filter by attribute type - typing Length
it returns a bunch of values, but the exact value of "Length" does not appear. (even typing length or Length). It is showing any attribute type that contains length, and not prioritizing any values that match 100 (or even start with "length")

Even clicking "select all" will only then show me values that are within the few attribute types that are listed when the filter pulls up (seems limited as I cannot see "Length" at all, only values for the types that were shown)
Final results after filtering do not show a value of 8 for Length (and it exists!)

Not being able to dig in and attach attributes on the fly quickly to items, and having to then pull open a spreadsheet and bulk upload to achieve the same (which, leaves more room for mistakes and not to mention takes a lot more time) is not great.

Highly recommend that you give a way to search for an attribute value specifically, rather than a soft keyword search to help aid in the ability to quickly add attributes to an item.
Please let me know if you have any questions regarding my example above. (from production admin console)